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What To Do When Your Disability Claim Is Approved PDF Print E-mail
Written by Madison Hewerdine   
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 14:26

You have been through all the paperwork and you have sent your disability claim to be approved and now your disability claim has come back and it is approved. What do you do now?  There are a lot of questions that people have after their claim has been approved, like: when will the benefits start? And can my family receive benefits as well? These are just a two of the many questions going through your head; the following are a few things that will happen once your claim has been approved along with answers to some of the questions.




Whether you filed your claim as a Unum disability claim or through another company the results of getting your disability claim approved will be about the same. A letter will be sent to you that will have information about your disability claim. The letter tells the date the benefits will start and the amount that will be paid each month. Also once your disability claim has been approved you will be receiving a pamphlet that will tell you more about your benefits.

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You are required to tell Social Security certain things because it affects your ability to receive benefits. One of those things is: if you are convicted of a crime. If you are convicted of a crime then you must tell Social Security because even though you will not be able to receive the benefits during those months your family may be able to.


Also, if you are receiving other government benefits other than disability ones then the amount you are being paid through Social Security may be affected. Your family may be able to receive benefits as well, depending on certain requirements. Your children and spouse can receive benefits depending on their ages and whether or not they have been disabled as well.You can also have more than one disability claim in a year. Though in order for this to work you must meet the requirements and have documents of your medical history and documentation for each claim.


Now that your disability claim has been approved and you have received all the information regarding your benefits, it would be a really good idea to study everything you have received to be sure you are getting what you deserve and so that nothing happens that is a surprise to you. There are some rules and regulations that must be looked at so read carefully and you should be fine.


Madison Hewerdine is an author who likes to write about unum disability claims and has a passion for being outside.


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